CD => Gravity Feed
AF => Auto Feed
P => PTO Tractor Driven Units
E => Engine Driven Units mounted on a SABS Roadworthy trailer
T => Engine Driven Units mounted on a Push Trolley

Fuel Consumption: 0.7 Liter fuel consumed / cubic meter chips produced!
Production Capacity: 1.0 cubic meter chips per horsepower in an 8 hour work shift!
Blades - If well maintained, they can be sharpened 8-10 times, and one should get up to 400 working hours from a set! We usually recommend customers to purchase two extra sets to minimize down time.

(Please note that these are industry averages over a 5 year period on well maintained machines!)

  For Commercial machines please click to go to our chipper site.


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One of the common problems faced is customers purchase by price and often purchase a unit too small for the job.  You may save on the initial purchase however ultimately you will pay a higher price, having to repalce sooner.

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