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HN, 3/8F GR5 YZ superseded by 703895 (7091630SM)

HN, 3/8F GR5 YZ superseded by 703895
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Important Information:

  • All Lutian generators have a Japanese type AVR.
  • All windings in the Alternator are 100% copper.
  • Beware of cheaper options with Aluminium windings.

Gasoline Generators

Petrol Generator Max KVA Rated KVA DESCRIPTION
GE-LT3-600J 3.3 2.8 2.8KVA 220 volt 50 hz. 220 volt 50 hz. manual start, SMALLER TANK, Volt Meter, Circuit Breaker, Engine Oil Warning System, Big Air Cleaner, AVR Type

The superior quality and feature-rich characteristics of the reliable Lutian ES and EA Series 2kVA – 6.5 kVA petrol generators from Goscor Power Products offer a reliable and affordable standby or backup power solution for households, farms and small industry. “In a market flooded with cheap, inferior quality, unreliable generators it is refreshing to find a premium brand generator at a competitive price,” says Goscor Power Products Managing Director, Mark Bester. “Purchasing a Lutian is an investment because the unit combines efficient operation and low maintenance to keep the end users’ operational and ownership costs to an absolute minimum.” The Lutian petrol generator comes standard with 100% copper windings, just one of the many features that differentiates the unit, placing it in a league of its own. Aluminium which is the cheaper option most commonly used in generators in this kVA range does not have the excellent electricity conduction properties of copper. The use of copper windings not only improves the Lutian generator’s efficiency but extends the unit’s service life. These quality generators are manufactured by China Lutian Machinery Co. Ltd., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high pressure cleaners. Goscor Power Products, part of Imperial, was appointed as exclusive distributor of the complete range of Lutian products for South Africa and the SADC region. “Lutian has carried over the state-of-the-art technology of the Lutian generators to its quality water pumps and high pressure cleaners and since the incorporation of these world-class products into our portfolio in November 2011, we have seen unprecedented success in the southern African market, especially in the agricultural industry.”